Orbit Tower Earth Approach

October 18, 2012

Orbit Tower Earth Approach FinalOrbit Tower Earth Approach Final

This one is down to one of my contacts, Andrew. In a comment on the original version he said “Great work, that sky looks like your entering the atmosphere”  true I thought and why not put the Orbit Tower in Earth Orbit and this shot is the result.

This is an edited shot of the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower in front of the Olympic Stadium. Taken with a fisheye lens which produced that curved look to the sky. See the post before last for the original.

I started by doing a round selection on the picture for the Earth leaving an area on the edge for Space. This was brushed with a black brush which involved some delicate brushwork for the areas round the struts.

The stars were a combination of various Star field images taken on various trips to take star trails. 3 images were used and pasted together in layers using the lighten layer blend mode so each image added to the previous one rather than overlaying it to provide a denser star field. I used some Photoshop Actions called Astronomy Tools to brighten the stars, enhance the colours and add some star effects. This was then pasted as a new layer, a black layer mask used to remove it and a white brush on the layer used to bring in the stars on the areas of Space. This was repeated a few times after the stars image was flipped to get the stars in the best location

The top of a communications pole on the original image was moved and enlarged to make a passable International Space Station in a slightly lower orbit.


Below are the Before and After images. First the original, then the stars image and then the final result.

Original after HDR

Orbit Tower Earth Approach OriginalOrbit Tower Earth Approach Original

 Stars Image

Orbit Tower Earth Approach StarsOrbit Tower Earth Approach Stars

 Final Image

Orbit Tower Earth Approach FinalOrbit Tower Earth Approach Final

Note that as this image was taken on private property with strict restrictions on the professional use of images in the Ticket Conditions this image is not available for sale.

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