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Wireless RemoteWireless Release

I have used this Wireless Remote since September 2011 and it has worked with no problem since. This is not infrared but radio controlled. Apart from its features it is amazing value at £15.

The model I have is for the Sony and there is a near identical version for Canon Cameras except for the fitting. There is a different Model for Nikon Cameras.

The claimed range is 100 metres though I have had not had cause to try this. It would need to be somewhere quite remote to risk leaving the Camera that far away. I have tried it the length of the House and it also works through floors with no problem.

The obvious use for this is remote shutter release without disturbing the Camera. I have used it for Tripod mounted HDR shots, some with long exposures. The shutter can be locked down for such a sequence of exposures. This is also useful for longer exposures with the camera set on bulb.

Another use is when placing the camera on the ground looking up or on a backpack. Retreat to be out of range of my wide angle lens and trigger the shutter.

Another use is for self portrait or group shots, set up the camera and trigger the shutter at leisure without the usual 10 second dash.

I have not tried this yet but it would be very useful for setting up where wildlife will be, retreat to a good distance and fire away when the bird or animal are in the frame. I would suspect that an infrared would be nowhere near as reliable in that situation. It could also be set up in the Garden near a bird feeder and triggered from inside the house.

The instructions are short and a fairly incomprehensible attempt to translate to English. However it is very easy to operate.

Here are my easier to understand instructions.

  • The receiver unit is fitted with a 3v Lithium CR2 battery in the base of the unit with the Minus side going deeper into the unit.
  • The transmitter has a battery pre fitted. I have never had to replace this. Presumably it would need a small screwdriver to dismantle the case.
  • Press the connector of the receiver into the relevant connection for your camera. Press the small button on the side of the Receiver to turn it on.
  • To take a picture if using auto focus half press the button on the transmitter and a red light will show on the transmitter and a red light and a green light on top of the receiver to show the camera is focusing. Press all the way down to take the picture.
  • To lock the shutter down eg for bulb shots or sequence shots such as auto bracketing for HDR or continuous shooting hold down the shutter release on the transmitter for about 3 seconds until the second light on the receiver turns red and the single red light on the transmitter goes out.
  • On a Bulb shot you can stop the exposure with a second press of the transmitter button and the second red light on the receiver will go out.
  • Note that if you do a sequence of shots such as auto bracketing with longer exposures the second red light on the receiver will remain on and will at least on the Sony, possibly the Canon too will lock up the camera controls including playback. To release press the small button on the receiver.

These instructions will not apply to the device for the Nikon.

I have not had cause to use this but settings can be changed to 16 wireless channels to avoid interference with other wireless remotes. A pen would be needed to change little switches on the transmitter and receiver.

Customer reviews on Amazon UK seem generally good with an average of 4.5 stars.

Below are the links to find this device on for Sony and Canon and a similar device for Nikon


Wireles Remote Shutter Release for Sony


Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Canon


Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Nikon

I could not find this device on but there are similar devices at budget prices

Edwin Jones


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