Lloyds of London Atrium View

October 03, 2013  •  1 Comment

Lloyds of London Atrium View  FinalLloyds of London Atrium View FinalLloyds of London Atrium View

This is another picture from London Open House on 21st and 22 September 2013. This one was taken on the Saturday morning. I went to the inside of the Lloyds Building in 2011 and had not originally planned to go there. However as this was only a short distance from my last building I decided to pay another visit.

 The queue was round the block but I knew from previous experience that it moved quickly and I was inside within half an hour. By contrast I heard the very long queue for the Gherkin opposite moved very slowly. I think this is because for Lloyds you go up by escalators to the main area whereas for the Gherkin people have to enter the viewpoint via lifts. At Lloyds I visited the main floor and the higher viewpoints.

The picture was taken handheld with a Sony A700 with a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lens at 10 mm. 3 raw images 2EV spacing.


The 3 images at 2EV separation were outputted in Photomatix fusion with natural settings and manual adjustments.


The -2EV image was opened. This image was then copied in as a new layer. A brush was then used on the window at the top  to reduce highlights.

Topaz Adjust Vibrant Crisp preset with adjustments was used to bring in more detail

General adjustments in levels to lighten a little with a layer mask and brush used to exclude highlights.

Saturation greens and yellows were used to bring out the colours on the escalators more.

The crop tool was used and then dragging the arrows at the corners for manual straightening and to improve symmetry.

Layers flattened before going on to sharpening.

Duplicate layer Noiseware Pro and a little sharpening.

Second duplicate layer with mask to apply extra sharpening and contrast with low amount and high radius using Unsharp mask (Clarity Effect) The settings were 49 amount and 49 radius. A layer mask was used to exclude this effect from some highlights.

A viginette was applied using the elliptical marquee tool and a brightness adjustment to bring more attention to the escalators and the people on the right.


Below are the Before and After images. First the original. Then the tonemapped image and then the final result.

Original at 0EV

Lloyds of London Atrium View  OriginalLloyds of London Atrium View OriginalLloyds of London Atrium View

Tonemapped image

Lloyds of London Atrium View  TonemappedLloyds of London Atrium View TonemappedLloyds of London Atrium View

Final Image

Lloyds of London Atrium View  FinalLloyds of London Atrium View FinalLloyds of London Atrium View

For licences and prints see Lloyds of London Atrium View

Edwin Jones


I'm a little insulted by this photo. You completely misrepresent what is a fairly cool colored and dark concrete structure as what appears to be warm, copper-clad columns. There is something to be said for digital manipulation, but I think you have grossly overdone it on this image. What could have been achieved through good exposure settings, efficient framing methods, and perhaps a tripod or good leveling system you have overshot with HDR settings, which have made a highly active building into one that appears to be on crystal meth. I appreciate the moneyshot you got of the building, though. I am very fond of the atrium view, but maybe tone it back? Or don't. I'm just some guy, so be true to yourself.
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