22.Esther (Escara)(non-registered)
Hi Edwin, your gallery is amazing. Thank you for the informations about Topaz.
Greetings Esther
Hello Edwin - Happy New Year! I finished "Understand Your Camera" on the bus on the way home from work today and was sad that I'd finished it. Therefore, I've just ordered your book about better composition from Amazon Kindle Store (the Kindle entertains me on the longish bus journey). I've just written a review - 5 stars. I also found your website - bookmarked! I'm not exactly a beginner but I only acquired my first digital camera in 2010. I have two film cameras. I got a new camera recently - a Panasonic Lumix, which is right for my level at the mo'. Well done! I do hope you write some more very helpful guides :-)!
20.Stephen Taylor(non-registered)
Great photography. I love the cycling portfolios.
Love your work. I just finish reading your book, very valuable information. I will be watching for your next one. Also following you on Flickr. Keep up the great work! :)
14.simon anderson(non-registered)
You have an amazing site and very cool blog.
I have just ordered a new timer remote for my camera with the link you provided on your blog, you can't go wrong for just over 10 pounds.
Amazing pictures as well and I look forward to following you on Flickr.
Keep up the great work

13.Molli Patricia(non-registered)
Hermosiiiiisimas todas las fotos,increibles los felicito.
Thank you for your good teachings in these pages.
8.sue mitchel-runow(non-registered)
mind blowing....I won't be the same now.
7.Paul (minar5 flickr))(non-registered)
Amazing work your HDR work is fantastic enjoyed the slideshows of all your work thank you.
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