If you have Photoshop this is the method for adding a zoom burst to increase the impression of speed –

1. Add a new layer by duplicating the background

2. Go to Filter-Blur-Radial Blur.

3. In the window choose Zoom not Spin. Use sliders to produce an amount. 26 with the Best setting seems to works well but will vary with each picture.

4 Move the centre of the Zoom Burst in the preview to about the position of your main subjects face. This is not clearly previewed on the picture so some trial and error will be required.

5. Choose the elliptical Marquee tool and draw this over the subjects face. Then go to edit and then cut. As we are working here on a layer this will remove the zoom effect from that part of the picture leaving a sharp area which is the background picture underneath the zoom layer.

6. With the zoom layer still highlighted in the layer view go to layer-duplicate layer to produce a copy of the zoom layer.

7. Go to Filter-sharpen-unsharp mask. Adjust the settings so the amount is 100 and increase Radius to produce the required effect on the preview. The effect of this filter is to sharpen and emphasize the zoom lines.

8. Done


Take a look at the image below  for an example

Zoom using Photoshop ExampleBRCC.Hilly.19.Ajusted


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